Wreath and Poinsettia Fundraiser

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Wreath and Poinsettia Fundraiser

Our Wreath and Poinsettia Fundraiser is a tradition that we enjoy a great deal. Not only do we get to bring holiday cheer, we are also able to help families send their kiddos to camp. This means the world to us. We know this fundraiser has been vitally important in helping many children attend camp. We also must acknowledge the real difficulties 2020 has put in front of us. So, we have decided that the proceeds from this year’s wreath and poinsettia will be part of the “Krazy for Kidwell” fundraiser that is taking place. Proceeds will help us offset some of the losses we have experienced due to camp being close and unable to offer programs.

Fundraising Challenge

Helping our campers get to camp is a major focus for us, and we want to continue to be able to offer this. With this in mind, we will be offering a full tuition scholarship to the person/family who raises the most money for camp. So get out there and bring some cheer to your family, friends and community and earn a Camp Scholarship for 2021.

We will also add a scholarship to the Robert “Bob” Geurink Memorial Scholarship Fund.

ANYONE and EVERYONE is welcome and encouraged to take part.


Purchase items from camp, by clicking the “BUY” button above. You will pick your items and check out.


To take part in the Fundraising Challenge, click on the “join” button above and set up your team. Once your team is created, share the link with family, friends, your community and have them purchase items.

*Please note*  If you are part of the challenge, you are responsible for pick up and deliver of all items you sell.

The fundraiser is setup online in the hopes of making it easier to use as well as making money collection easier. However, we are happy to provide a paper order form if you would prefer. Please email us at and we will send you a form.

We do ask that you either sell completely online or completely on paper.

We also are accepting donations through this fundraiser. If you would rather give a flat donation, we would be grateful!!!  Just click the “give” button above. Donations can be collected as part of your challenge team as well.

The fundraiser ends on Monday,  november  16   at 5pm. Pick up will be on November 21 and 22 (9am to 5pm).

We hope you can be part of this year’s fundraiser and help us weather the storm that is 2020! We are grateful for all of the support we get from those around us! THANK YOU for always being so so generous.

If you have questions please feel free to contact me, KJ Kelly, at 269-521-3559 or  I am ALWAYS glad to help!

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4-H Camp Kidwell, 1st Avenue, Bloomingdale, MI, USA
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A Little About Camp Kidwell

Did you attend summer camp when you were a child? Do you remember swimming in a lake, riding a horse, making friends—some life long, singing campfire songs, learning life lessons? Camp Kidwell is so much to so many!  Offering our community a wide variety of programs: Overnight Camp, Day Camp, School Programming, Community Events, Facilities for weddings, family reunions, social gatherings and much more. Our facility is set on 150 beautiful acres on Eagle Lake in southwest Michigan. 

Our Mission is to provide extraordinary camping experiences for children and to be a resource to 4-H, community youth, families, groups and organizations throughout the region. 

Our Motto is to teach young people lessons for life in a safe, fun and loving environment.


2020 has been a very challenging year for our entire country! Not only are all of us dealing with the challenges of a terrible virus, but also the results of all the changes we have had to make in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Camp Kidwell has definitely felt the consequences of the adjustments and changes that have taken place. As a 4-H Camp, we work closely with Michigan State University and the Michigan State Extension program. In an effort to keep all extension and 4-H participants and staff as safe as possible, the extension administration implemented a completely virtual/no face to face plan until at least the first of next year. With the uncertainty the early Covid-19 outbreak brought, virtual was determined to be the safest and best way to continue to offer programing and support to participants. As part of the 4-H organization, Camp Kidwell is required to follow this plan. This meant no summer camps, no facility rentals and a very, very different, uncomfortable and challenging 2020. It has been very difficult to see Camp Kidwell shut down since March.

How will you help Camp Kidwell by being part of this fundraiser?

With literally no income accruing for 2020 since May our budget is nonexistent, so Camp Kidwell’s Board of Directors and Staff are turning to you, our many supporters for help. Camp still has expenses for overhead such as electric, gas, mortgage, insurance, etc. Staff is down to our long-time director KJ Kelly and one part time maintenance person.  With our amazing staff,  our outstanding volunteers have graciously spent many hours helping with the upkeep of camp, aiding with spring and summer (and soon fall & winter) property clean up, mowing grass, painting, making new curtains for the cabins and sprucing up camp wherever needed. Camp looks amazing; however it is not enough to keep Camp Kidwell going and growing.

The 2020 Wreath and Poinsettia Fundraiser will be part of the Larger "Krazy for Kidwell" fundraiser.  Funds will be used to lessen the losses we have and continue to experience with out having programming taking place.  No donation is too small or too large! We are hoping to bring in enough contributions to allow Camp Kidwell to begin 2021 in the black. A new year and a new beginning for camp which has been in existence since 1949 welcoming smiling and enthusiastic youngsters for summer camp and helping them to Make Memories of a Lifetime!

Thank you for being a fantastic supporter of Camp Kidwell.  We are grateful for all you do!

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