Wind and Tide Dance 2019


Our Mission

At Wind & Tide, we have developed the phrase, “Give to a child and you change their life. Teach a child to give and they change the world.”

In 2004, Wind & Tide held its first Dance-A-Thon, and since that time, it has become a pillar within our curriculum as one of our largest global humanitarian initiatives. Every year, Wind & Tide’s Dance-A-Thon takes to the stage across all our classrooms, as our students embrace a day of funfilled dancing in support of our adopted community of Oltepesi in Tanzania, Africa through our partnership with WE Charity. In preparation for this annual event, Wind & Tide students also learn about the daily lives and essential needs of families and children living in Oltepesi, and how they can make a meaningful difference in communities across our world by caring for those in need – no matter how young they are!

WE Charity focuses on empowering children and youth to get involved by becoming active global citizens. Their philosophies and goals are a wonderful match to those of Wind & Tide. We know within our students lies the potential for essential leadership in our world and take great pride in knowing that our annual Dance-A-Thon provides a memorable experience that actively involves our students so they can be inspired to make a difference.

On behalf of all our staff, students and their families, thank you for your support and showing us that together, we can change the world!



Built on over 20 years of experience, WE Charity’s international development model addresses the five primary causes of poverty with holistic and sustainable solutions that work in tandem to transform communities.

Each pillar is a critical component to breaking the cycle of poverty. The five Pillars of Impact are: Education, Water, Health, Food and Opportunity. Through this program, partner communities work in collaboration with WE Charity to take ownership of the program and projects to create lasting change. We help community members develop the skills, strategies and infrastructure to take charge of their future and maintain long-term change. It’s holistic, it’s sustainable, and it works.

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