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About Anova
  Nov 06 2020 . London, ON, Canada

Anova was created in a merger between the London’s Women’s Community House and the Sexual Assault Centre London with the intention of providing more and improved services to the London area. Anova operates as a shelter, while also providing support, counselling, and resources for abused women, their children, and all other oppressed individuals requiring help. 

The services Anova provides include a 24-hour crisis and support line, an emergency shelter, second stage housing, group and individual counselling, family court support, workshops, and counselling specifically for male survivors. They also provide public resources for anyone to access that address topics such as supporting victims of domestic violence, coping with trauma, and self-care. Their goal is to create a world free from violence and eliminate patriarchal patterns within society that lead to inequality and gender-based violence. Throughout their work, they foster values of equality, respect, integrity, connection, and accountability. 

The main pillars of their work are to function as a shelter, advocate for victims of sexual violence, support individuals requiring a fresh start, and educate society. The need for groups such as Anova has increased exponentially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic as rates of gender-based violence continue to increase. Through the work of groups such as Anova, values of equality and civility can continue to grow both between individuals and society as a whole.

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