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  May 03 2019 . Los Angeles, CA, USA

We started with a simple mission: to bring neighbors together through sharing a meal and sharing a smile.  Ten years later and with the help of thousands of volunteers, we serve over 40,000 fresh and homemade burritos a year across Los Angeles (and over 330,000 burritos made with love since our founding!).  Five nights a week our volunteers with the help of our iconic orange mobile kitchen hit the streets meeting those experiencing homelessness where they are, from Skid Row to Hollywood, South Los Angeles to Downtown, and out to Venice.

It’s no secret that Los Angeles holds the disheartening distinction of serving as the homelessness capital of the United States.  As our housing crisis worsens, each night, roughly over 31,000 Angelinos and almost 53,000 people across LA County have no stable housing to return to.

We’ll never forget the hands we shake, the hugs we share, and the human connections we forge.  We serve to give voice to those who haven’t heard their name in weeks.  We serve to break down barriers, to reject apathy, and to recognize the moral urgency of the moment. As we look to continue and to grow our service, we need your help.  Our food truck has served us well since our founding ten years ago, but to keep the burritos rolling we need to purchase a new one free of wear and tear to fit our evolving needs.  $40,000 stands between us and our new truck and we need all hands on deck!  Any amount helps and we know that together we will fulfill our mission for years to come. 

This $40,000 food truck allows us to serve 40,000 meals a year.  Each dollar you donate will enable us to provide one meal -whether it’s $5 for five meals or $50 for fifty meals we need your support.

All donations are tax deductible through Paypal’s Giving Fund and you will receive a digital receipt upon your donation.

Thank you for sharing your time  and we hope that we can continue sharing tens of thousands of meals and smiles every year with your help.

With love and peace,

Share a Meal

For more information, please visit our website, our Instagram and our Facebook page.


Share a Meal FAQ

What happens if we don’t hit the goal? All money will go to our cause, whether that’s financing our truck or providing the capital to run our daily operations, from purchasing food and water to paying for gas.

What happens if we surpass goal? We welcome any additional funds that surpass our goal because we will invest them right back into the organization to purchase more food and water to serve more people.  

Posted by Khalsa Peace Corps