Become a VR Genie! Make a Senior's Dream Come True Today


We fulfill seniors’ wishes in virtual reality. How does it work? We visit seniors, ask them what is on their bucket list, and deliver it in VR. 

“Life is your restaurant”, as the Genie said in "Aladdin", and seniors sure are enjoying the VR menu. Who needs a lamp when you can have a VR headset?


Visiting the Eiffel Tower, going scuba diving or going back to the land of your ancestors: what is on your bucket list? We sure all have extensive lists. But not everybody has the opportunity to make it happen. Low income seniors with little mobility have close to zero chances of ever visiting Paris or going on an Alaskan cruise to see the Northern lights before they pass. That’s where virtual reality comes in.  


When seniors put on a headset, they now have the power to go wherever they want in the world: to the place that they always longed to visit but never got the chance to, or to the place where they were born, and haven't got the chance to return.  

With virtual reality, it no longer matters if you are a prince or an orphan living on the street, if you’re in a wheelchair or if you’re an Olympian athlete, whether you are 20, 50 or 90 years old: in VR, we can all climb the highest peaks, fly over the Grand Canyon and explore the depths of the ocean. 


“This gave life to my soul” - Rosa, senior Cuban, after having gone back to Cuba after decades of exile

“It felt like I was really there” - Robert, after having gone back to his native Ireland

“This gives me a 2nd chance” - Michael, former painter reconnecting to his art through VR after his stroke 

“This was a 10 plus experience” - Leonard, after having gone to Las Vegas for the first time 

“I would want everybody to have this experience” - Magali, devout Christian, after having seen Jerusalem


The project started 4 months ago during the 2018 Holiday season which can be rough for isolated populations like seniors. 

So far, we managed to grant a little more than a 100 wishes in 9 senior facilities. 

Seniors loved it and they want more. 

With $5,000, we will be able to buy virtual reality equipment and manage a network of "everyday VR genies" in the greater Miami area. 

Our goal is to grant more than 1,000 wishes! 


So many wishes, so little time. 

What can you do today? Adopt a senior's bucket list and become a VR genie today. All levels of commitment welcomed ;)

- The Trailblazer - $10

> you sponsor a senior's bucket list item

> we get you a digital "thank you" note with the senior's pic before and after!  

- The Sorcerer’s apprentice - $50

> you sponsor a senior's entire bucket list

> we get you a small video of magic while it happened, easy to share on social media

- The VR Magician - $100

> you sponsor 2 seniors' bucket lists 

> we get a 20mn phone consulting session about VR: upcoming trends and how you can incorporate into your daily life / business

- Genie, Jr. - $200

> you sponsor 4 seniors' bucket lists 

> we get you a 30mn VR demo at our office in Miami Beach for you and your friends

- Genie, Sr. - $500

> you sponsor an entire VR Genie operation at an assisted living facility

> we get you a 1h VR party at our office in Miami Beach for you and your friends

- The O.G. Genie - $1,000

> you sponsor an entire VR Genie operation at 2 assisted living facilities

> we get you a 2h VR party at our office in Miami Beach for you and your friends

For higher amounts, please contact us:

Thank you so much for your consideration! 

Posted by Equality Lab