Virtual Group Facilitation - Mondays

Intensive Description
Virtual Group Facilitation - Mondays

Come and learn a framework for weaving the gospel into the fabric of any group or community. You will learn practical skills and tools to navigate the stages of group development and how to handle problem group issues and challenging group members. You will also learn four methods of peer coaching for leading Parakaleo groups. Prerequisite: Basic Training Intensive

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Intensive Details
Virtual Group Facilitation

There will be three, 3 hour video conference sessions (10 minute break in the middle of each session), 1 to 2 hours of pre-work before the first session and 1 to 2 hours of homework after the first and second sessions. The link to the pre-work will be included in the registration confirmation email you will receive upon registration.

Video Conference Day/Dates:  Mondays / Nov 4, 11, 18

Video Conference Time:  11am - 2pm ET

Cost:  $300

Led By:  Tami Resch and Emily Hartman

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