VDM Masterclasses Latinoamerica

Virtual Dalcroze Meet-up
VDM Masterclass Series

Thanks to a generous gift the VDM is able to set the registration fees for Central and South American registrants to VDM Masterclasses #6, 7, 8, and 9 at $15 USD.  All classes will be taught in English. 

The Virtual Dalcroze Meet-up Masterclass Series allows students from all over the world to meet and work with outstanding Dalcroze teachers from the international community without incurring the cost of travel and residency. The series provides opportunities for continued professional development regardless of geographical convenience to Dalcroze training centers as well as unprecedented access to some of the most exciting Dalcroze teachers in the world. 

The Virtual Dalcroze Meet-up (VDM) is an international forum for Dalcroze educators to share best practices in the online teaching spaces. Participation is open to anyone.

Thank you to our partner organizations, Carnegie Mellon Dalcroze Training Center and Integral Steps

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