Urgent Appeal for Rohingya-Orphan Children

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Home for Orphan Children
Your cofee change can give them hope for a better life.

I’m always afraid

Suleman and Asif were playing in their backyard when their home was raided. They ran away, unable to save their little brother who was playing in the front of the house. They believed their parents were shot and killed in the attack, but do not know if their brother survived.

Suleman is 12 and Asif eight, but they look much younger than their peers. In recent weeks, their daily routine has consisted of religious school and private English lessons. No play and only sporadic sleep.

“I have dreams of happy children playing,” said Suleman unexpectedly. “But in my dreams we can’t play with them. I’m always afraid. If something falls on the ground or there is a sudden noise, I jump and remember what happened.” The boys are among many distressed Rohingya children who have arrived in Bangladesh.

We’re housing over 325 orphan children:

Across our Six orphanages, we house over 325 children, who have each lost their parents, often at a very young age.  The remote locations of the facilities, means that we are unable to provide access to clean water, for cooking, drinking or even bathing.  Yet, we have nowhere else to house these children.

Another remarkable project after our online school in Rohingya Camp!! 

We have finished construction of new school in Rohingya refugee camp. 300 kids are studying there from Jan'19. This is a comprehensive program of Food & Education. To hold these kids in school, we will provide lunch in school.

Why not sponsor a Child?
When you sponsor a child at our school, you provide hope of healthy school meals to him/her on all school days. Bring hope and change to a child’s life and society as a whole.

How your donation will be spent

This donation will be spent for food, education program and clothes for 550 refugee and Orphan kids. For each student for each month, we are estimating following expense: 

Food cost / student is: $15

Education program : $7

Clothing + Medical : $2.5

Administrative : $1.5   

Web reference of our work
You can find tons of video from our facebook page. We have separate page for Refugee Campaign and Orphanage project. Please visit both of them to get idea about our work. We have established training center for Rohingya Women as well. You can visit our Facebook page to see more updates.

Volunteer based work : 

Local and international volunteers are working for this project. It helps us to maintain < 5% administrative cost. You can also part of this project. Please write to for recruitment.

External Audit: Although audits are not obligatory for voluntary organizations in Bangladesh, we want to be transparent for donors, and in order to ensure complete financial transparency,. 

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