UpCycle4Kids - Face Masks and Tablets for Kids in Thailand, Philippines & USA for under $50 USD -


Let's Do Good Together! :)
  Aug 26 2020

UpCycle4Kids is a non-profit global charity focused on Upping the next Cycle 4 Kids. Our endeavour is to provide free technology and online education for students that are hungry to learn thru new ways like distance learning.

Today’s Fundraiser -

$3.96 USD buys 50 Face Masks for Kids -

$47.34 USD buys Kids a Tablet - 

Khoop Khun Krup - Thank You So Very Much :)

It's 4 the Kids  :)   Let's Up the Next Cycle 4 Kids Together :)

Posted by Josh Skoko

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Who is the true Queen? It's 4 the Kids! :)