United For A Cause


  Oct 12 2020

Are you ready to help  Peninsula High School and Gig Harbor High School UNITE FOR A CAUSE?!

Peninsula High School and Gig Harbor High School have united to bring awareness to cancer and help raise funds for the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society has been here for us in our times of need and now more than ever the American Cancer Society needs us!

Adolescents (15- to 19-year-olds) have a unique mix of cancer types including childhood cancers (such as acute lymphocytic leukemia), adult cancers (such as thyroid cancer and melanoma skin cancer), and a higher risk of lymphoma. For example, Hodgkin lymphoma accounts for 13% of cancer cases in adolescents compared to 9% in ages 20-29 years and 3% in ages 30-39 years.


This campaign will run from Oct 12th thru Oct 23rd - 

The rules are easy:

1. Donate a minimum of $5 or change your social media image to the backdrop of the opposite school for a minimum of 24 hours (i.e. if you attend PHS, you would use GHHS and if you attend GHHS you would use PHS)

2. Challenge 3 of your friends to either donate a minimum of $5 or use the replacement backdrop on their social media pages and then challenge 3 more people, by posting a video on your social media page/story. 

3. Supply link to the fundraising landing page.

4. In the end, the school that raises the least amount of money will have someone from their leadership team PIED!!! Who will it be?!

Posted by Danielle Chrisinger