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  Dec 01 2020

It all started in 1998 when a little girl was trying to figure out why so many hungry people were asking for money on the streets, living in poverty. At this time, the financial crisis came, and her parents didn't receive a salary for a year, but they never starved as all the food her family had was from her grandparents' garden. Every time she would help her grandmother gardening, she would see so much empty land where people could grow their food as her babushka did, and she couldn't stop wondering why they don't. Since no one was able to answer, she knew something was wrong.

Long story short, now this girl is the founder of THE Home nonprofit (501c3) with a mission to restore the land globally by helping local communities on their way to self-sufficiency through regenerative agriculture.

We aim to create a global support network of regenerative farms and permaculture gardens that will serve as healing and educational centers for people in need. Being focused on displaced populations and minorities, we will provide all the residents with holistic health care and the necessary skills to restore lands and spread regenerative practices worldwide.

We hear about similar projects popping up around the world. When teams of local activists who have witnessed growing problems of homelessness, the various refugee crises, low-income families in dire situations, or simply a group of people who can't take the burden of living in perpetuated disconnection from nature and each other anymore create a hub around some community garden, offering shelter to people in need. Yet, each time this idea arises, they have to recreate the process from the beginning and start from scratch, which doesn't add up to efficiency nor doesn't change the situation on a global scale.

With THE Home, such groups and individuals around the world will be able to get instant access not only to the like-minded people in their location to unite with but also to the full support that THE Home team offers through each of the following steps:

- Education on the steps of creating THE Home local hub
- Financial support
- Free educational course on regenerative and off-grid living practices and soil restoration
- HR
- Free software and a copy of THE Home virtual office
- Legal representation
- Development strategy
- Prebuilt CSA system
- Connection to the global support network

Before joining THE Home network, each member of a local community will be asked to sign a pledge in which there are three requirements:

1) To adopt love, mutual support, and respect of all the members as the community's pillars.
2) To follow intentionally inclusive community guidelines
3) To implement permaculture and regenerative practices in food production.

The first one will set the principles for the project to be built on.

The second will assure that we won't replicate the same exclusive system, leaving outside the society members not welcomed by the current one.

The third requirement secures the idea that each member should become a contributor to global well-being as it's not a secret anymore that by implementing regenerative practices on a global scale, we will be able to sequester carbon and, combined with other sustainability efforts, reverse climate change (acc.

As every long road starts with the first step, ours will begin with the development of THE Home flagship center, which will serve as a blueprint for communities around the world. And that is what we ask U to support here.

We acknowledge the challenges of the current situation and how difficult it might be to pull out something so ambitious during such uncertainty. At the same time, we understand that the need for action is urgent, and we believe our global community is feeling the same. So instead of sitting, paralyzed by fear, we are going to act despite all the obstacles that we might meet in our way. There never will be a perfect time. Unless we act during the imperfect.

"I see our planet as our common old mother that needs all of her children's support now despite all the differences of ours", - Nika Sazonova, Founder of THE Home.

That is why to support this campaign, we ask each and everyone to join the global inclusivity toward action movement and unite for the sake of our future and the future of our kids.

Please, share this campaign with the hashtag #TogetherWeCan (with the raised hands emoji at the end), the reason why U think it is essential to come together and act despite all of our differences, and don't forget to add the campaign link

Because only #TogetherWeCan

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