Medical Missions/Water Project|Nigeria 2021


The Problem

Access to clean water is a very basic human right, yet the lack of it has resulted in more than 70,000 deaths in children under 5 each year in Nigeria. Poor sanitation and poor access to clean drinking water has placed many Nigerians in remote areas at increased vulnerability to water-borne diseases, including life-threatening diarrhea. For many villagers, their only water source stems from natural streams that are unsafe for drinking as they have been polluted with waterborne illnesses from insects, as well as from human and animal waste. During the dry season, the water is stagnant leaving the streams to become breeding grounds for deadly infestations and contaminants. Furthermore, these remote villages also suffer from a lack of access to quality healthcare and health education leading to preventable deaths from Typhoid, Cholera, Hepatitis, Malaria, Diabetes, Hypertension and many others.

The Solution

We have identified that the peoples of these underserved communities need boreholes for CLEAN AND SAFE drinking water as well as health education and DIRECT medical aid.



Our mission is to provide rural villages of Benue State, Nigeria with clean and safe drinking water by drilling boreholes. Boreholes are vertical shafts that can be drilled very deep below the ground in order to access water. A quote from a local borehole drilling company to drill a borehole in this area is about $7,000, which includes the ground assessment, the initial drill, casing, installation, and necessary supplies/materials.

Mission Missions

In addition to our water projects, we have assembled yet another volunteer medical team to return to Nigeria in a few short months. Our first stop in Nigeria will be serving the villages of the Obi community and from there move to serve other neighboring communities throughout the Benue, State region.

Our medical missions will provide FREE:

· General healthcare screenings for diabetes, hypertension, HIV,  Hepatitis and many other illnesses.

· Primary healthcare consultations and treatment

· Women’s Health GYN exams

· Pediatric Care

· Wound care

· Non-invasive procedures

· Surgical Consults and General surgery 

· Healthcare Education

· Counseling/Emotional Support

We need your help.

Funds raised will be used to cover the costs of drilling the boreholes as well as cover healthcare screening and treatment costs, surgical costs and will help our team acquire life-saving medicines and supplies/equipment to carry out our Medical Missions. 100% of your donations will be impacting the people in these communities directly. Our medical & non-medical teams and our admin staff are all VOLUNTEERS so your donations make the most impact in the communities we serve.

Every donation can make a HUGE difference:

With the support of gracious donors like you, we can continue to reach those who are in desperate need of help. You can help us make an impact and transform lives one community at a time.

Thank you for your gift and spread the word.

All donations are tax deductible (U.S. donors only).

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