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Australia Bushfires - Ongoing Relief

During quarantine, three SMHS high schoolers have created an online tutoring service to provide such services for students in previous grades who want a head start or additional help with previous or upcoming coursework. 100% of revenue will go towards Direct Relief’s ongoing efforts for victims of the Australia wildfires. For 1 hour of online tutoring through Google Meets, we are charging a rate of $20/hour and $10/half-hour; however, additional donations to Direct Relief are encouraged as well! All payments are 100% tax deductible. These high-school tutors can teach any subjects from 1-10th grade, including Math, Biology, Chemistry, English, and so on.

Although media coverage of 2019-2020's devastating Australia bushfires has stopped, damage to communities has not disappeared. In fact, problems inflicted upon affected Australians have only been amplified by 2020's unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. As a response to the crisis, three high school students, Randy, Srini, and Ethan, have decided to offer a tutoring service to raise money for the affected communities. Please consider supporting a cause for ongoing relief--problems persist despite absence on headlines! Please consider registering or donating to this ongoing cause.

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Srini, Randy, and Ethan are high school students who are striving to make a difference. You can too by helping us spread the word!

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