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 The Tomorrow Project is tackling the issue of climate change from many different angles in the community. From installing public compost bins, to educating youth on the importance of sustainability, we are normalizing sustainable habits and instilling environmentally conscious behaviors in the next generation - thus, helping them develop a greener mindset one step at a time. Just as everyone learns the golden rule in elementary school and it becomes second nature, we want sustainability to become second nature too!

Through our peer-to-peer model of teaching, we hope young students will become excited about sustainability. As high school students will serve as their sustainability role models and mentors. Seeing older students doing something creates positive associations for younger students - inspiring them to grow up and make an difference in their own communities!

We want to create a world where sustainable habits come as second nature: to instill these habits in the younger generation so that when they become the CEOs, doctors, politicians, and lawyers of tomorrow, they don’t even think twice before making the right choice for the environment.

The funds gained through this campaign will be used to help sustain our current efforts to help educate elementary school kids about sustainability.  We will be able to create more educational materials for elementary schoolers using this money. 

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