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  Dec 01 2020

Please help Texas Music Partners awaken a child’s musical curiosity by helping get our Live Music in the Schools project off the ground while helping musicians during COVID-19.

Many schools in Texas are removing their music programs due to budget constraints, shortsightedness, and lack of interest. If the Austin area is to maintain the “Live Music Capital” status it proclaims, we need a solution to that kind of thinking and to motivate our kids to play an instrument to stay creative and learn to appreciate what this area has to offer, musically.

Imagine going to a school where there was no music education, no concerts, no marching band. Teaching our students about the styles of music that influenced America and bringing in professional musicians to reinforce the excitement that live music brings will help awaken a child’s curiosity to take up an instrument and join band, orchestra, or choir. 

Now, with COVID-19 having a negative impact not only on school programs but also on local musicians, it is imperative that we help stimulate a child's creative passion, as well as help employ the musicians that can motivate them.

Your donation will not only help awaken a child's musical curiosity, by persuading them to try band, orchestra, or choir with live performances, but now it can help musicians continue to be productive members of our community while keeping the "Live Music Capital of the World" live and active for years to come.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise, it's not wise to have live performances in school.  That is why we have the technology to live-stream every performance to in-person and virtual classrooms directly, maintaining safety while educating and entertaining our school kids.

Who Are We?

Texas Music Partners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is:

To combine music, the arts, and the STEAM approach (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) to learning, to help students succeed in school and find a creative passion.

To plant the seed of creativity in a student's mind so they learn to think outside the box and stay creative.  To use creativity to help them problem solve, through school and as an adult.

We do this by promoting music: on its own, through other arts, and through academics, while showing students how to think positively and learn from their challenges, in order to gain experience and succeed as they get older.

We offer our programs, at no cost, to the learning institutions that use our services so we can reach more kids.  

Our Programs

Texas Music Partners accomplishes our mission in different ways. 

Technology and Music

TMP offers courses to Central Texas Learning institutions to show kids how to do fun projects related to music and technology using a smartphone/tablet.

Live Music in the Schools (Coming soon)

This program teaches students about different styles of music. its history and the artists that made them popular. We then bring in professional musicians to perform for them to see how musicians work together as a team. We also encourage students to learn to play music by signing up for band, orchestra, or choir. 

Note: This program is ready to go, but due to lack of funding it is currently on hold.

Thinking Outside the Box

These courses help keep students thinking creatively and stay positive. Thinking outside the box is important to learn early, so students can continue to develop when they become young adults and have to compete with the rest of the world and a rapidly changing job market. 

For more details go to

If you would like to donate your time and expertise, learn how you can help by clicking here.

What Does Your Donation Do?

Your generous donation, during Giving Tuesday, will help do the following:

- Help get our Live Music program off the ground.  This is a program that has been in the works for a while but still lacks full funding to implement.

- Pay for other equipment needed for our Live Music in the Schools project.  For more details see our Moving Forward List.

Make Your Gift Go Further.  Consider Making a Monthly Donation.

We love all our donors but if you are thinking of making a donation, why not consider making this an affordable monthly gift?  Becoming a monthly donor does a great deal more to help Texas Music Partners accomplish our mission and you will barely notice it.

Here is an example:

Mrs. Joan Public makes an annual gift of $50, but Mrs. Jane Smith makes a monthly gift of only $10.

                              Annual Gift

Mrs. Public          $50

Mrs. Smith         $120

By giving just $10 a month Mrs. Smith has more than doubled Mrs. Public’s gift enabling TMP to do much more while making a very small impact on Mrs. Smith’s budget.  Of course, increasing your monthly donation only compounds the good that can be accomplished and monthly payments can be changed or canceled at any time.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to look at Texas Music Partners and learn about our mission. We hope you find us worthy of your support and we thank you in advance for helping to make our mission attainable. Without people like you, we cannot move forward and help our kids be more productive and positive adults in the future. Positive people are contagious and we hope to make this an epidemic!

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