TIPS 2020 Virtual Luncheon: Empowering Resilient Leaders

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Empowering Resilient Leaders

Teens In Public Service (TIPS) hires vetted high school students to carry out paid summer internships at nonprofit organizations; empowering teens to give back to their community while developing leadership skills that will last a lifetime.

Many of our nonprofit partners need extra support but cannot afford the cost of hiring additional staff. Our interns fill in these vital roles at no-cost to their organizations. 

Nearly 100% of TIPS nonprofit partners reported their intern filled a work gap at their organization. Teens learn how to self-advocate, act as service leaders and contribute professional work that is important in ensuring thousands of community members receive the services they need to overcome this challenging time.

Now, more than ever, high school students want to support their community in any way they can, yet the options for teens to volunteer or receive paid work have decreased due to the COVID-19 crisis.

TIPS knew it was our responsibility to continue offering opportunities for students to gain experience working for charitable causes.

We quickly pivoted our in-person internship program to be held online, hiring 20+ teens to carry out digital-based internships. Nonprofit beneficiaries depended on TIPS interns to transition their education, youth development, social advocacy, and cultural enrichment programs to virtual formats.

This is why we are asking for your help to empower resilient teen leaders, today!

Your support matters

The TIPS annual Luncheon is our main source of revenue for funding our summer internship program. While we are not able to hold our event in-person this year, we do not want this to be a reason for preventing teens from working at nonprofits where their help is needed most.

Your support ensures TIPS can continue to hire students who want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Thank you for empowering teens in our community. We are grateful for your commitment to developing resilient teens and a resilient community.

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Join Us!
TIPS 2020 Virtual Luncheon Livestream

Please join us on Thursday, October 22nd from 12:00pm - 1:00pm for the Teens In Public Service Virtual Luncheon live stream!

Use this link to join the live stream:

We are amazed by the resiliency, energy, and creativity the 2020 intern class brought to their nonprofit causes this summer, and we look forward to sharing their accomplishments with you during a one power-hour live stream Luncheon.

Registration for the 2020 Fundraising event is free. Simply click the link to register, or make a donation under your Team's dedicated fundraiser page to receive a live stream link to the Virtual Luncheon on Thursday, October 22nd.

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