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  Dec 01 2020

Giving Tuesday is Tuesday, December 1st.

You have the power to help us provide certain sanctuary for all of our animals through 2020 and for the rest of their days at Tiny Hooves.


A place of refuge or safety.

At Tiny Hooves, we provide sanctuary and so much more for all of our animal residents.

Since 2015, we have provided sanctuary for over 300 farm animals and counting.

For every animal:



-Individual veterinary care


-Lifelong sanctuary.

For the public:

Education about compassionate farm animal care, farm animal individuality, facts about animal agriculture and how this all ties into a vegan mission.

Many of our residents were rescued from industries where they would not be alive today.

But they found their way to us, and will live their best lives in sanctuary.

On March 25th, 2020 Wisconsin was issued a safer at home order to protect against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of the state shut down, but that was not an option for us. While we were searching for sanctuary for ourselves during an uncertain time, it was our duty to continue to provide sanctuary to every single one of our animal residents.

And somehow, we did it.

Even when there were only 2 people taking care of all of the animals, while safety standards for volunteers were created and assessed.

Then the pandemic stretched into summer, cancelling tours, volunteer groups and festivals.

Our small and dedicated volunteer team came to work in masks, and worked alone. To feed, care for and clean up after all of our residents.

Our supporters donated online so we could pay our vet bills, feed the animals and provide them with the best care. Every member of each herd and flock receives top notch medical care, and we have strong relationships with 5 area vets in Wisconsin and Illinois.

We raised funds so every goat can have a coat this winter.

Despite COVID-19, we took in 56 animals in desperate need of care and sanctuary in 2020.

We are currently providing sanctuary for over 150 animals of 15 species!

Some of our programs have been hit hard by COVID-19. Most of our educational outreach took place during farm tours and at large events, both of which are not happening anytime soon. Virtual education always comes 2nd to animal care, and there are less volunteers able to do that work.

A large portion of our donations came from farm tours and vendor events, and these were not an option for 9 months of the year.

This is why Giving Tuesday is extra important to us this year.

We know things are still uncertain for many.

You have the power to help us provide certain sanctuary for all of our animals through 2020 and for the rest of their days at Tiny Hooves.

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$5 provides one large bale of hay for cows, equines, goats and sheep.

$10 funds one 50 lb bag of chicken grain.

$15 protects 1 equine with a fly mask in the summer months.

$20 enriches the lives of 1 flock of chickens with toys and activities.

$50 funds 1 month of long term care for an elderly or diabled animal who requires medication.

$100 sponsors 1 month of care for a goat with CAE (Caprine arthritis encephalitis).

$150 provides a chicken with a hormone implant as a form of medical therapy used to decrease reproductive activity.

$250 provides one hay feeder for one of our flocks of cows, equines, goats, and sheep.

$400 funds one farrier visit for all 14 equines at the sanctuary.

$600 sponsors one week of produce for our pigs.

$1340 funds one trailer truck of shavings (approx. 6 weeks in the winter months.)

$2500 provides one full day at the emergency vet for a sick or injured resident.

$6000 funds 1 year of wellness visits for all 14 equines. This includes a well check, vaccines, dentals and fecal counts two times a year 

Posted by Beca Thompson