Tiny But Mighty 6th Annual Fundraiser

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  Nov 20 2018


30 dogs and one sneaky sneaky cat are participating in the sixth annual Tiny But Mighty Fund fundraiser have their hearts in the right place as they are helping raise what organizers hope will be $12,000 for the Nashville Humane Association. Many of the dogs are frequently seen on social media when their owners capture particularly cute, and sometime diabolical, moments. The campaign features mug shots of the pets – known aliases of some include Ziggy, Bandit, Georgie, Mia and Bowie – along with their alleged crimes and are seeking donations from friends and family to “post bail” for the canine offenders. 

“Our Tiny But Mighty mission leverages humor, social media and just plain cuteness to raise funds to support animals that truly need help,” said Tiny But Mighty Fund founder Marcia Masulla. “This campaign is based on fun, friendship and the love of pets to achieve its goals. It’s fantastic to be involved with something so positive – and vital in our Nashville community.” 

All the “offenders” can be seen along with their crimes at and on Instagram (@TinyButMightyFund). None of the dogs have been contacted by criminal defense attorneys as of yet. 

This year’s campaign runs from November 20 through December 4. Companies wishing to make corporate donations can contact organizers at 

The fundraiser, now in its sixth year, honors the spirit of Chico, a Chihuahua that passed away in 2013 from congestive heart failure, and has raised more than $100,000 for animals in need. The fund is a component fund of Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. "The online campaigns put forward by the Tiny But Mighty Fund are award-winning and inspirational. They have done an incredible job recruiting families with 4-legged members to participate in a fun and lively campaign. 

Underlying all of the playfulness are the serious and important issues the tiny But MIGHTY Fund addresses in its grantmaking from promoting adoption and spay/neutering initiatives and preventing cruelty and inhumane treatment of animals. "Every donation to this year’s Nashville’s Most Wanted Campaign will provide important financial resources for these important community issues.” – Amy Fair, Director of Donor Services, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee 

Chico Award 

Each year, the Tiny But Mighty Fund organizers also recognize an outstanding individual who contributes to the welfare, brings awareness, assists in the prevention of animal cruelty, and/or raises funds for animals in our community with the Chico Award. This honoree is recognized with an award and an opportunity to donate $1,000 to an animal welfare/rights 501c3 organization of their choice. Mayor Megan Barry with Bonaparte's Retreat, Emmylou Harris with Crossroads Campus and Logan and Ashley Ryan of Ryan Animal Rescue are previous recipients of the Chico Award and Tiny But Mighty Fund grants. 

We are pleased to announce that the honorees of the 2018 Chico Award are Ellie Laks and Jay Wiener of The Gentle Barn.

"We’re so grateful for the Tiny But Mighty fund for your contribution to support The Gentle Barn and more specifically our baby goat Lolli’s prosthetics so she can walk again. Receiving this award means a lot to us because it makes us feel seen by the Nashville community for the work we do for animals and children." - Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner of The Gentle Barn The Gentle Barn rescues, rehabilitates and gives sanctuary to severely abused animals. The animals then teach kindness, compassion and confidence to others.

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