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Through A Parent's Tears Documentary

We need your help with completing the documentary and preparing it for distribution. 

Through a Parent’s Tears; Family Stories of Healing is a  groundbreaking documentary about losing a child to suicide as told by  parents. Our mission is to educate the public about how counseling,  psychiatry, and mediumship can work together to help families heal from  the devastating loss of a child.  Because of her proven and unique ability to communicate with those who  have passed, Melinda brought comfort and love to the healing process. By  sharing their messages, she helped the parents connect with the  children they lost.  These stories expose raw, heart-wrenching memories amid tears and  laughter. But most significantly, we watch as parents catch glimpses of  the hopeful transformations their children are experiencing on the other  side.  

For every $25.00 donation, you will be entered in a raffle to win a free reading with Melinda Vail!! If you donate $100.00 you will get an extra chance so 5 tickets for $100.00! Tickets on sale until 11-23 at 8AM. 

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Friday November 27th
1:00 pm MST
Tempe, AZ, USA
Tempe, AZ, USA

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Mission Statement from ByLaws

The intention behind creating Through A Parent's Tears documentary is to educate the general public about the specific aspects of coping with the devastating impact of losing a child by suicide as told by the parents themselves. 

The variety of the stories make the stories relatable to a wide public audience, many of whom are coping with. or trying to prevent suicide. 

The specific content of the stories will educate the public about the circumstances and and characteristics of each child prior to their suicide.

It is also our intent to educate anyone dealing with children or loved ones in similar circumstances to better understand, and possibly even intervene, in a way that might help prevent suicideand the devastating pain associated with losing a child or loved one to suicide.

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