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Sea Turtle Conservation
Sea Turtle Nest Protection & Conservation Program
  Nov 11 2020 . Zambales, Philippines

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is launching a GoFundMe Campaign with a goal of $20,000 to fund one year of operations for one sea turtle conservation, which helps protect sea turtle hatchlings in the Philippines. Project goals are to protect and relocate nests safely to a staffed, enclosed nursery in order to monitor the nests and give the hatchlings a head start as they embark on their journey to the sea. 

Every $2 helps protect a baby hatchling Sea Turtle, $200 protects an entire turtle nest, and $250 compensates a turtle ranger for and whole month. Funds pay for nursery staff and rangers, hatchery materials and labor, equipment, transportation, and veterinary care. Every dollar helps, and the sea turtles need your support!

About The Project

The Philippines has one of the most biodiverse marine environments in the world.  With this ecological richness comes the responsibility to support the natural balance and maintain a healthy environment through education, awareness and environmental stewardship.

Five of the world’s seven sea turtle species are found in the Philippines, known locally as the “Pawikan” a catch-all term that refers to all local sea turtle species.

The Zambales based “Pawikan Project” is a scalable approach to sea turtle conservation, community education and awareness.  Located within a 125-mile coastal area that has been declared a sea turtle conservation zone, five endangered species nest within the area.  Despite the conservation status of the area, there are constant pressures on the nesting sites, predominantly from poaching, as well as natural predators such as stray dogs, etc.

Project Goals

1. Support sea turtle breeding through techniques designed to safeguard the eggs and protect them from poaching and other threats.

2. Employ best practices for the protection of sea turtule eggs.

3. Engage local community members to become Pawikan Rangers, with nightly patrols over an eight mile area.  The rangers will identify nesting sites, immediately relocate eggs to two secure hatchery sites, and become project advocates amongst community members and general public.

4. Broadly promote education and awareness, with structured community information campaigns in concert with the local government. In tandem, support the development of eco-tourism and conservation visibility.

5. Encourage other participants in the local area and around the Philippines to adopt the best practice model for sea turtle conservation. 

From these two initial hatcheries, we have a target of at least 90 percent hatching success, and up to 10,000 baby sea turtles released to the ocean each year per hatchery site.  

Thank you for your support! 

About Loveland Living Planet Aquarium 

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Draper, UT. The Aquarium inspires people to Explore, Discover, and Learn about Earth’s diverse ecosystems. Home to more than 4,500 animals representing 650 species, the Aquarium showcases ecosystems from around the planet including kelp forests, coral reefs, the deep ocean, Antarctic waters, Asian cloud forests, South American rain forests, and the waterways of our home state of Utah. We began the Coral Rescue project in the Philippines to help save coral reefs, and now we are excited to support The Pawikan Project. 

Posted by Brent Andersen

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