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CAAAV's #CancelRent Fund: The Revolution Starts at Home
  May 20 2020

CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities works to build grassroots community power across diverse poor and working class Asian immigrant communities in New York City and our current work is around housing justice.

CAAAV has been organizing working-class Asian immigrant tenants for over 15 years. Now is the moment to leverage all the power that we’ve built over the last decade and a half. Crises create openings to win big material and cultural change. Things are possible today that weren’t possible even one month ago. We have been fighting for a #HomesGuarantee for years. Now that millions of renters across the US are at risk of losing their housing, there is an opening to win safe, healthy and guaranteed homes for all of us - to win housing as a human right. 

CAAAV’s #CancelRent Fund will organize and support CAAAV members to take collective action against real estate, big landlords and against Governor Cuomo.  

COVID-19 is an economic crisis as much as it is a health crisis. Public housing was left to decay so developers could swoop in and privatize public homes, which has now left CAAAV members in apartments without repairs, without consistent heat and without adequate cleaning, even in this pandemic. Gentrification has forced members to live in overcrowded conditions in Chinatown, cramming multiple people into small apartments with no possibility for social distancing. Many of CAAAV’s members are undocumented and don’t qualify for stimulus checks or any form of relief. A large number of members are workers over the age of 60 who must choose to work despite the dire health risks or lose their jobs without the possibility of unemployment benefits.

This is our chance to change real estate's chokehold on New York City. We are organizing to force Governor Cuomo to #CancelRent for every single tenant in New York State - whether in rent-stabilized, unregulated, public, or informal housing - so that we all have safe, healthy and guaranteed homes. Winning #Cancel Rent, challenging the legitimacy of capitalism and housing for profit, and setting the pre-conditions to win housing as a human right all depend on how hard we fight right now.

By donating to our #CancelRent Fund through our annual fundraiser, Karaoke Battle: The Revolution Starts at Home, your support will enable us to provide:

Emergency aid: Direct relief to CAAAV members, in the form of food, medicine, rent relief or legal support for CAAAV member-led rent strikes 

Public Housing block organizing: Support for members to pressure NYCHA to cancel rent and for HUD to prioritize sanitation maintenance and emergency repairs so those most vulnerable to COVID-19 can stay in safe and healthy homes 

Building by building organizing: Support for rent-stabilized members to write demand letters, pressure and negotiate with their landlords, instead of being forced to make impossible choices between affording rent or groceries 

Language justice: Rapid translation into Chinese, Bangla and Korean of everything from eviction moratorium know your rights materials, to accurate information about COVID-19 health and safety, to #CancelRent campaign strategy 

Building power to rent strike: Deepening our collective understanding of the power of coordinated, building-wide rent strikes, and to organize with CAAAV members to build enough power to strike

In the next few weeks, our goal is to raise $30,000 through our Karaoke Battle to support our #CancelRent Fund and you can support in two ways:

1) Easily create a fundraising team page with your friends, colleagues, or family on here (click JOIN on top of this page). You can then send the link to your fundraising page to your network so they could help reach your fundraising goal!

2) DONATE here and share this fundraising page if you do not have capacity to help us fundraise.

Will you stand with working-class Asian immigrants and support our #CancelRent Fund?


Karaoke Event information:

WHEN:  Wednesday, May 20 from 7-9pm EST

WHERE: via Zoom (RSVP here for more information:

RSVP: *Donation of $20 here*


Helping us raise $30,000 by May 20!

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