The Pitching Factory vs. Cancer

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The Pitching Factory vs. Cancer

The Pitching Factory is collaborating with the American Cancer Society to bring you a 10-20 minute daily video with topic specific training from top instructors. It is time to get off the couch and start moving again!

Each day at 9AM starting March 25th, the Pitching Factory will post a softball-specific training that you can do in your home, driveway or backyard. You are encouraged to record yourself trying it out and tagging us in your video before 9PM. Each night a prize winner will be randomly selected.

Coaches, parents, athletes share this with your leagues and teams, and use this as a chance to practice together!  We are collaborating with the American Cancer Society as live events have been postponed, severely impacting its ability to attack cancer from every angle. We encourage you to donate to participate but understand that many have been adversely affected by recent events. If you are unable to donate, please participate regardless.

We may not be able to be on the fields with our teams but thats no excuse to lose the skills we have acquired. We hope you will join us!

How to participate:

1. Follow the Pitching Factory on facebook and/or Instagram. (@pitchingfactory)

2. Registration is free.  

3. If able, please donate to the American Cancer Society.

4. Log on and get moving! To win prizes, record yourself each day and tag @pitchingfactory @coachesvscancer #welcometomybackyard

Cancer never stops and we won't either!

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Posted by Kristen Stone