NorCal Camp Fire Relief Fundraiser @ THE PAYOUT


 As of November 17th, 2018, there have been over 60 casualties, thousands of people who have lost their homes, and over 600 people who are unaccounted for due to Camp Fire in Butte County in Northern California, making CampFire one of the deadliest fires in California to date.

On Friday, November 23rd, NO CHANCE will be hosting THE PAYOUT at Bar Fluxus in San Francisco. The DJs involved in this event have agreed to donate a portion of the ticket sales to benefit families who have been affected by Camp Fire. 

Regardless of whether you are attending the event or not, please consider donating via our fundraiser here on Crowdrise. The proceeds will be going to the American Red Cross of Northern California, a humanitarian organization working diligently to provide monetary relief as well as basic necessities such as food, shelter, and emotional support for families affected by the fires.

It's hard to imagine losing everything—including a sense of security—due to circumstances out of everyone's control. The most we can do is to help alleviate the damages that these wildfires have caused by sharing what we can. Anything helps. Thank you for consideration.


Posted by Angela Constantino