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  Feb 01 2021

Project Mona's House and the FreeTHEM Walkers are traveling nearly 1,000 miles BY FOOT to help raise awareness about modern day slavery.

Click "Join" to start your own team to raise money to benefit victims, survivors, and overcomers of human trafficking.

As a team, you can walk, run, swim, exercise, or more to show your support for our journey along the Underground Railroad. 

By walking 902 miles on the Underground railroad, we're raising awareness about modern day slavery, better known as human trafficking. We want to shine a light on the path to freedom for victims, while also showing the public that it's time to ressurect the Underground Railroad to help everyone achieve freedom. 

Every stop that we're making along the Underground Railroad has its own story that NEEDS to be heard. Learn more at The FreeTHEM Walk Website

You can find us at these historic places:

May 4th, 2021: The Appomattox Court House

May 7th, 2021:  White House of the Confederacy

May 10th, 2021: Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail

May 15th, 2021: New Castle Courthouse

May 16th, 2021: Liberty Bell

May 19th, 2021: Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims

May 28th, 2021: Gerrit Smith Estate

May 30th, 2021: Harriet Tubman Residence

June 19th, 2021: JUNETEENTH 

African American Heritage Corridor Buffalo, NY

June 20th, 2021: Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center

The Underground Railroad featured stops where those who were enslaved at the time were able to seek out freedom. However, slavery STILL exists, and the people enslaved today are also in need of ways to achieve freedom. There are ways that you can contribute to allowing these individuals to gain the freedom that they deserve. 

Are you willing to find out how you can be a part of the network to freedom?

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