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What We Strive For

Saving  life on Earth is our highest calling!

The coronavirus  pandemic, global warming. Suffering and dislocation of billions of people.  Unprecedented widespread wildfires, floods, droughts. Mass extinctions of thousands of species.   

All of these dire problems have a single root cause: Massive destruction of living systems.

And here's the great news: We know how to fix this. Nature is just waiting for us to join her in restoring billions acres of degraded landscapes around the work, turn them green and abundant again to benefit all species.  Millions of people around the world are already doing it, millions more want to  do it too.

Support our work as we educate and inspire  Earth stewardship and restoring ecosystems worldwide.  Become part of a community that loves and reveres the natural world, and stands up for a bountiful and peaceful future!

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