IT TAKES A VILLAGE to get the original Austin fair trade nonprofit to the other side of COVID-19

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Communities around the world need your help.
  May 02 2020 . Austin, TX, USA

Never has our mission been so essential and yet so at risk.

Today, we are faced with an unprecedented challenge that threatens our ability to continue our mission.

We are critical support for thousands of artisans in 30 developing countries.

Only with your support can Ten Thousand Villages Austin provide what’s important for our artisans.

Please make a tax deductible donation today and help us pay our outstanding artisan bills.

$300.00 (Thailand) - Help support a socially and eco-friendly elephant poo paper organization, which will help to uplift the local community and help the local environment.

$300.00 (Worldwide) - Help support a fair trade sustainable sock company which was created to bring awareness to many social problems in the world by giving back to nonprofits through the sale of each pair of socks.

$400.00 (Ghana) - Help support a small fair trade nonprofit of women entrepreneurs who make clothing.

$400.00 (Worldwide) - Help support an eclectic global music and book company, who in turn supports talented musical artisans in various countries around the world.

$600.00 (Thailand, South Africa, Ghana, Guatemala) - Help support a fair trade, handcrafted batik & tie-dye clothing organization that supports local communities.

$600.00 (Rural Africa) - Help support a fair trade, traditional African craft organization that assists with employment for rural African women across many African countries.

$600.00 (Philippines, Rwanda) - Help support a fair trade, handmade greeting card company that employs women who have escaped sex trafficking in the Philippines and orphans in Rwanda.

$600.00 (South Africa) - Help support a fair trade South African group that employs single women, who make hand crafted home goods which represent their colorful landscape.

$800.00 (India) - Help support a fair trade, handmade apparel organization which provides  support for artisans in villages throughout India.

$900.00 (Rural Mexico) - Help support a fair trade organization which promotes economic justice in rural Mexico through employment in the design and construction of handcrafted, traditional jewelry.

$900.00 (Worldwide) - Help support a fair trade community development organization that procures handcrafted work by women and families in various countries around the world.

$1,600.00 (Pakistan) - Help support a fair trade, peace-building and job creating rug organization in rural Pakistan, empowering women and supporting school development.

And finally, we need to continue to order artisan products...

$25,000 (or any donations that will help us reach this amount!) Please help our organization pay down the outstanding home office warehouse balance and allow us to buy new items from our personal fair trade artisan groups that work directly with all stores within the Ten Thousand Villages global family.

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