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Tegaru in Kansas City, KS
Stop the war, stop raping our mothers and sisters:
Kansas City, KS, USA

We  are  Tegaru.  We   stand  with Tigray.  We  are against  the  war,  death,  starvation,  and  the  raping  of  our  people  in  Tigray. Due to the war that is taking place back home, the lives of innocent civilian Tegaru is in danger. An inordinate number of children, mothers, the youth, and the elderly are getting hurt atrociously. Tigray has   been blocked  out  from world accesses  like the  news,  internet,  electricity,  and  roads  from the  capital city of Ethiopia. There has been no  federal  bugdet,  banks,  water,  and  food  for four months and these  things  are  still  happening  right  now.  At  this  moment,  Tigray's   infrastructure  is  destroyed  and  the  people  are  in  need.  While  we  are  are not  with  them  physically,  we  can  help them with rebuild the  damage. Therefore, Tigrai Development Association is calling on all Tegaru and our peace-loving allies to donate. This donation will be used for medical, food, and various humanitarian supplies. Thank  you  for your generosity and support.

Tigray will prevail!

Posted by Gidena Kindeya