About Team TCS

TCS is the Official Proud Partner of Rising New York Road Runners,

For each of our 2019 sponsored races,  we are challenging our Team TCS runners to fundraise a minimum of $100 in  support of Rising New York Road Runners. By raising such a  figure, you can support a year of running and fitness for four students. With  everyone’s support, we can fund running and fitness programs for an entire  school! 

TCS employees who raise $500 or more for a full marathon, or $250 or more for a half marathon, are eligible to have their race entry fee reimbursed. Please note, this offer is limited to one race reimbursement per year.

TCS is encouraging all Team TCS runners to add meaning to their miles by fundraising for a cause. To get started, either:

  1. Select 'Join the Team' to join an existing team or select 'Create Your Own Team' to fundraise for any  501(c)(3) organization of your choice.
  2. To donate to an already established cause or donate to another Team TCS member's cause, choose 'Donate.'

Thank you for helping TCS raise awareness around health and fitness. Together, we can make a huge impact in the lives of kids!

Posted by Tata Consultancy Services