Team MISHA GISH Campaign for Racial Justice & Equality

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  May 30 2020

My teammates and I are participating in a GISH scavenger mini-hunt today.  It is a great way to meet new folks, have some fun, and help folks all from a nice socially distanced home.  The first one we did together earlier this year focused on the covid-19 pandemic and helping to get food and meals to the food insecure because of it.  This mini-hunt has also raised money for that as well.  As an added hope with all the racial issues occurring right now in our country (USA); is to raise money to support the Black Lives Matter Foundation and other groups for Racial Justice and Equality by using this platform of the scavenger hunt.  Please, help these folks by donating what you can and/or sharing our link with everyone you know! Thank you!

Posted by Colleen Fadden