Teaching the Holocaust for Social Justice: Montana Summer Satellite for Educators

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How Does Your Donation Impact Montana Teachers and Students?

Every summer, three Montana TOLI graduates work together with TOLI staff to provide a week-long workshop for local teachers. The seminar leaders have titled the seminar: Worlds Apart But Not Strangers: Learning From Holocaust & Native American Experience To Confront Extremism And Intolerance

The seminar is designed for individuals and teams interested in finding relevance for today in Holocaust Education and Montana-mandated Indian Education for All. In this experiential, inquiry-based seminar, participating educators discover ways to find connections between these two topics. Educators will be asked to envision the world they hope their children will live in and design an action plan to help their classroom, school, and/or community move toward that ideal. Program highlights include field experiences from the Billings Jewish community and the Native peoples of Montana.

Read what past seminar participants had to say about the seminar: 

“I intend to teach more about the land we live on, the genocide of Native American.” She added, “The TOLI program has given me so many tools on how to teach religious conflict and cultures.” Referring to the attacks on synagogues in the US, she added, “The students want to know ‘why’ these terrible events happened. This seminar gives us the tools to lead the conversation.” - Ileah Bodily, a middle school teacher from Rigby, Idaho Read more of Ileah's personal testimony here.

"This seminar helps build a better world, a better human being. What we want from a program like this is to understand humanity and pass it along to our students” - Brett Nichols, a history teacher from Billings, Montana

Your donation will help send one additional teacher to this critical training.  Montana needs this training. The world needs this training. 

Invest in Montana. Invest in TOLI. 

Posted by Christyna Lepetiuk

TOLI has provided Holocaust and human rights education to over 2,800 teachers.

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