Syria - Coronavirus readiness and response

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We pray everyone is staying safe amid the current outbreak of COVID-19.  The war in Syria has left many of those living in and providing healthcare in the major area of conflict vulnerable to the virus, with no testing kits available and little to no personal protective equipment.  

HHO is working to provide sanitizing products and protective medical clothing like masks, gowns and gloves for healthcare providers in these areas, obtain COVID-19 tests for those exhibiting symptoms, and secure a facility with 50 to 75 beds for isolating and caring for those testing positive. We also need to purchase at least 5 medical ventilators to help the critically ill breathe.  We can not provide these essential resources without your support to raise an estimated amount of $50,000.

Donations are needed immediately.  Please, do not overlook those who have no way of telling you they need your help.  HHO ground teams are there now, working as your eyes and ears, and bringing you their voices.  Help us provide the vital resources they need to get through this health crisis.

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