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“SYE has changed my life in every way, and was there to help me achieve an impossible dream.”

-Abdullah Bannan, SYE Alum

Imagine getting an acceptance letter from Harvard in your inbox. Now, imagine you're not just any American student-- you were born in Syria and grew up in a war-torn Aleppo. You had to change houses multiple times because of the bombings, were responsible for getting clean water for your family when the taps were cut off, and educated yourself when your school was closed for a week, or month, or even a year. That was the reality of Abdullah, who is halfway through his first year at Harvard. With support from SYE, he made his dreams come true.

Abdullah is ready to give back: he'll be joining SYE as a mentor to guide students in the SYE Class of 2020-2021 towards their dreams.

We need your help to ensure that Abdullah and all of our mentors can comprehensively support our biggest class yet-- 100 students from Syria and 15 from Iraq.

A gift of $50 allows a student to submit a college application and $200 pays for TOEFL registration. With $1,500 you can sponsor a student like Abdullah, covering their application fees, test registrations, score reports, test prep resources, and training of the student's mentor.

Before we welcome our new class in May, we are raising $30,000 to cover the costs of 20 SYE students. With your support, in a year from now, we will be celebrating the incredible successes of these 115 students with admissions letters and financial aid packages from hundreds of universities.

Thank you for joining us!