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  Aug 03 2020

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As of February 2021, over 1500 amazing supporters (and counting!) have helped us pass $750,000. Thank you!!


The tremendous support we received during our initial campaign, Augst 3-31, 2020, has inspired us to continue fundraising until we reach our goal of $1,000,000.  Meanwhile, our work for a better world continues daily - please follow along!

**This amount also reflects donations received by Peace Boat directly, as well as our GoFundMe and Facebook campaigns.

A space where people meet and inspire each other for a more peaceful and sustainable world needs your urgent support.

Peace Boat sails around the world empowering participants and building people-to-people connections beyond borders. 170 Hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors) have travelled onboard giving testimony of their tragic experiences, in partnership with the Nobel Peace Award winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). Youth from Palestine and Israel, at first struggling to shake hands, realized after weeks together at sea the importance of direct connections, and launched an award-winning collaboration to enable more youth from both communities to meet. Youth from the frontlines of the climate crisis and marine degradation have been bringing their messages to the world for urgent action. Aid goods have been personally delivered to a total of 900 vulnerable communities benefiting hundreds of thousands of global citizens. Countless connections have been created and incredible peace initiatives born.

Since 1983, and today guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Peace Boat has been offering lifelong educational opportunities, facilitating friendships around the world and coordinating advocacy campaigns for peace including nuclear disarmament, conflict prevention and mine abolition. Over 80,000 participants have joined our voyages, creating borderless friendships and connections through exchange with onboard guest educators, partners in ports of call, and other participants. Taking a leading role in developing environmental solutions for cruising, Peace Boat is building Ecoship, a game-changing sustainable and low carbon ship as the platform for future voyages.  

Now, Peace Boat is facing an unprecedented challenge. 

As an NGO which depends on the income from voyages for all its advocacy, campaigns and projects, the impact of the pandemic has been far too great. Six voyages have had to be cancelled so far. Over the years, we have faced many challenges and there were times when it seemed as though the challenges were too great, but our determination to provide a space to build a better world and the support from our friends gave Peace Boat the strength to continue. And today, in this deep crisis, we turn to our friends around the world for support.

In a digitized post-pandemic world, a safe space for face-to-face contact with others will be even more important to our work for a peaceful and sustainable world.

With your support, we will all be able to overcome this great challenge and continue to sail for a sustainable future!

Our goal: $1,000,000

How the funds will be used:

Peace Boat US is a New York-based sister organization of Peace Boat. All of your donations are tax deductible in the USA. The funds raised will be sent to Peace Boat’s headquarters in Tokyo and will support:

✔️ Campaigns and educational programmes in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

✔️Activities with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) in support of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

✔️Peace campaigns such as removing landmines in Cambodia

✔️Youth programmes, including those on the frontline of the climate crisis

✔️Six volunteer locations and 150 staff around the world to manage these activities

✔️Our campaign will continue until the goal is met



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