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  Nov 11 2020 . Washington, USA

Since the beginning of COVID-19, our world has been suffering and it’s not just because of the pandemic. Some of us are isolated, jobless, filled with unwavering uncertainty for the future, and so much more. 

Now, more than ever, our culture is divided. Magnify Wellness aspires to transform the current world from divisive and isolated to unified and compassionate. 

We target people interested in mental health support. Our source of revenue is collecting donations from corporations and individuals through crowdfunding. We also host events to solicit funds and share information about our organization, including how to monetarily support us. With growth, our model will use profits from product sales to improve mental health support. This model takes into account the wellbeing of our users through free mental health support resources and allocating revenues, after fixed expenses, to go back into the community in the form of improving services provided by mental health charities or funding innovative mental health research


Magnify Wellness is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization fiscally sponsored by The Hack Foundation in the United States of America. This organization was founded by Abigayle Peterson who has witnessed the devastating effects of bullying, isolation, and the mental health stigma. Abigayle desires to use her passion for computer science as a vessel to magnify life, unity, and kindness to everyone. She turned her passions into actions.

Magnify Wellness grew to be managed by a team of over 80 like-minded individuals from around the world. The organization aspires to bridge the gap between struggling communities through outreach programs such as the Mental Health Forever Database, education, advocacy, and the power of technology. Through these initiatives, Magnify Wellness will empower people to end the stigma around mental health while magnifying the right resources to the right people.


Magnify Wellness is a mobile application in which you can talk to Maggie, an AI-driven Chatbot who provides emotional support, practice various guided breathing exercises, a gratitude journal, and much more! The goal of Magnify Wellness is to ensure that everyone gains access to equal mental health support through its free and accessible functions. The application directs users to get matched to a mentor for their needs or reach out to a professional counselor. Magnify Wellness helps to shed light on various ways to cope with the condition of one’s thoughts. Through the application, users can also join a friendly community of like-minded people or find online material to engage in their specific curiosity. Currently available on the iOS App Store with over 500 downloads worldwide, Magnify Wellness is continuously under development to improve and support Android users soon.


Since June 2020, the Magnify Wellness organization continues to strategize ways to reach and make an impact on more people. As a non-profit organization, financial support is needed to bring more mental health support in areas where the team and application cannot yet reach. Magnify Wellness aims to donate to charities that can facilitate appropriate treatment for the homeless and mentally distressed individuals, innovate in mental health research, invest in recovery, and help youths overcome life’s challenges. The organization will open fundraisers through their donation page, GoFundMe, and Kickstarter. In addition, Magnify Wellness plans to sell merchandise to help raise awareness and donations.


Mental health has been an ever growing issue in present day society. Due to COVID restrictions on the world, the suicide rate has increased by 13% all over the United States. Magnify Wellness’ goal is to prevent that number from increasing ever larger, and to help save the lives of those who are feeling hopeless and lost because of the unfortunate state of the world. This non-profit organization's financial goals are to raise $1,000 that will be used for 

Research development of the Magnify app
the App Store annual fee
The website domain
Magnify merchandise that aims to uplift and inspire as well

* The rest of the funds go towards charity donations to other mental health charities across the world. We urge you all to take action and be part of Magnify Wellness’s towards a brighter, more compassionate, unified future for all. 

Posted by Harrison Toppen-Ryan