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Blackfeet Nation COVID-19 Surge Response

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  Oct 26 2020 . Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Blackfeet, MT, USA

The Blackfeet Nation, located on the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains, in an isolated corner of Northwest Montana (bordering Canada), is currently experiencing a major surge in COVID-19 cases, with more than 630 active cases in a population of only 12,000. This population is severely underserved medically, with more acute cases requiring air or ambulance transport to larger, acute care facilities over 100 miles away. Many here face food insecurity, chronic illness, persistent under housing, as well as generational poverty due to non-existent employment opportunities, making the impact and morbidity of the virus very high.  In the words of local Piikani organizers, "like many areas globally, we are under siege by this virus, and it's really scary due to inequitable health care, multi-family residences and lack of resources".   Now is the time for the Burgundy & Gold Nation to stand with the Blackfeet Nation.

Tailgate Ted and NFL fans like you are working with the Piikani Lodge Health Institute, a local Indigenous-led 501c3 organization within the Blackfeet Nation, to support frontline efforts to fight this surge in cases. 

To date, Piikani Lodge Health Institute has delivered 42,714 meals,  2,980 Shelter-In-Place family food boxes, 2,212 family food bags across their nation. Now they would like to scale up their efforts to support families and flatten the curve. The aim is to ramp up efforts, providing supplies, protective equipment, shelter -in place food boxes, culturally relevant health messaging, and to raise funds for winter rural delivery across the reservation's rural 1.5 million acres (the size of Delaware!). The objectives are to support this proven local organization's effort to break the train of transmission, support families, protect elders & save lives. 

How You Can Help

1. Donate here and share the Go Fund Me link with others. 

2. Purchase items off the Amazon Wishlist to equip their work and prepare for winter here.

Where Your Money Goes:

1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Sanitization Delivery

2. Elder Care Wellness Checks

3. Shelter-In-Place Family Food Boxes & Meal Delivery

4. Logistics, Mileage, Project & Operations Management

Partner Organization Track Record:

As established local health research and community planning organization, Piikani Lodge Health Institute's mission is to connect Indigenous families with wellbeing.  In addition, to applied research and community programs, they have responded to COVID-19 pandemic the past 8 months to help contain the virus and support families sheltering in place weekly -- sharing best practices in health &  safety, mask use, mental and physical wellbeing to 7,000 individuals (most of whom are elders and low-income households within isolate, rural communities) in culturally relevant ways.

Let's be the 12th man on and off the field and support families within the Blackfeet Nation fighting this virus.

Ksik Ksik Tsimaa Tsiip Tsii (Thank You)!

-Tailgate Ted & Piikani Lodge Health Institute

Posted by Piikani Lodge Health Institute