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  May 15 2019

 Did you know that over 21 million Americans do not have the identification they need to vote in the states where a government-issued ID is required? IDs are expensive. The average cost is $40 when you consider the supplementary documents that you need to get one. Then there are transportation challenges, limited hours for government offices and lack of child care. 

Spread The Vote and Project ID help individuals get the IDs that they need to apply for jobs, secure housing, enroll in school and, of course, head to the polls. In so many cases, a piece of plastic is life-changing. 

Spread The Vote also launched a new nonpartisan voter education program this year. It's well-researched and easy to use. There are already partners from across the country utilizing this free curriculum. It's a cause that I strongly believe in. The need is great, but funding is limited! Please help us educate voters and ensure that they have the IDs they need so they can participate in the democratic process.  

Posted by Spread The Vote