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Students for healthcare heroes
  Apr 20 2020

Students for Healthcare Heroes

is a coalition led by MBA students intent on doing our part to help the brave healthcare workers at the center of the COVID-19 crisis. 

We are raising funds for GetUsPPE to aid in their efforts to properly equip our nation's nurses, doctors, EMTs and other healthcare heroes.

About GetUsPPE

At GetUsPPE we are working to build a national, centralized platform to enable communities to get PPE to healthcare providers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic in an equitable, data-driven way.

We believe healthcare workers should not have to fear for their own lives because they do not have access to the protective equipment they need. 

How are donated funds going to be used?

(1) To purchase existing PPE from thoroughly vetted FDA/NIOSH-approved manufacturers and distribute/transport equipment to vulnerable hospitals and healthcare facilities in need.

(2) To offer grants for raw materials and transportation to those who are making PPE, such as 3D printed shields, through designs provided by our partner, Open Source COVID Medical Supply (OSCMS). OSCMS is a group of physicians and scientists that vet and approve designs.

(3) To fill PPE-related grants for hospitals and healthcare facilities in need. We are using our demand database to match donated, purchased, or made PPE with providers most in need, ensuring that PPE needs of vulnerable populations are prioritized

(4) Because we are a coalition of grassroots local organizations across the nation, we also provide grants to our regional affiliates who need assistance in the purchase or delivery of PPE.

Equitable allocation of limited PPE is a core concern for our organization. In consultation with members of affected communities, as well as experts in public health, emergency response, and bioethics from Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and UC Berkeley, we are developing a process to facilitate equity in allocation of donated PPE across facilities in need.

Our process will consider a wide number of factors, including:

- Type of facility: hospital, nursing home, homeless shelter, etc.

- Immediacy of need: how close is the facility to running out of PPE?

- Risk of exposure to medical staff: whether the facility has an ER or ICU, type of procedures performed

- Local healthcare capacity: hospital beds and medical professionals per capita

- Vulnerability: whether the facility is a safety net hospital or part of a rural/tribal/prison system

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Please note: All money donated to this fund will go to supporting the mission of GetUsPPE. If they deem the crisis shortage of PPE in relation to COVID-19 to have ended, they may use the money on other programs that help support front-line healthcare workers, including by donating it to another nonprofit organization.

Donations are being processed by GetUsPPE's 501(c)(3) financial sponsor AFFIRM, Inc. All donations will be used as stated above, and no money will be used for non-healthcare programs.AFFIRM, Inc. 501(c)(3): Pursuant to the requirements of federal law, receipts will confirm that no goods or services are being provided in exchange for your gift. GetUsPPE shall be operated in a manner consistent with AFFIRM’s tax-exempt status.

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