Students for Yemen
Change starts with one person.

What is Students for Yemen? 

Students for Yemen is a national grassroots movement led by new and current UNICEF volunteers to raise awareness, promote education, and fundraise for the children of Yemen who are afflicted by atrocity. It is an initiative that aims to empower student organizations and their members along with proactive individuals with the tools, resources, and connections to create meaningful change.

Get Involved - Organization Level

Should involve your organization to participate in the Students for Yemen campaign you will be provided infographics and fundraising materials customizable to your organization to post and details for publishing a customizable fundraising page within this campaign page (which is under the official UNICEF USA GoFundMe page). The social media campaign (beginning on 8/3) includes 5 days of posting infographics and a final day where your members will engage with a fundraising graphic. We will also promote any of your Yemen-related fundraisers/initiatives to all participating organizations and their members, all participants in this initiative, along with pushing it in our networks. If you are an organization/community leader click here or the "Campaign" button to get involved. 

Get Involved - Individual Level

Want to participate independently of any organization? Have you been recruited by your organization to participate in this campaign? Your involvement would include reposting infographics posted on @unicef_um and @unicefatucla starting the week of 8/3 at 9 AM in EDT and PDT respectively and engaging in a "bingo" fundraising board. Upon signing up you will receive a "bingo" fundraising graphic along with a posting schedule and relevant instructions (how to donate, engage with the fundraiser, etc). If you are interested in mobilizing a group of friends to participate with you sign up as an organization and put a team name in the "Organization Name" field of the signup. To participate as an individual in this campaign click here or the "Campaign" button to get involved. 

Posted by Omar Fehmi