Strides Shines at Night

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Strides Shines at Night 2019

Strides Shines at Night is a paper lantern ceremony designed to celebrate breast cancer survivors, honor those currently in treatment, and remember loved ones we've lost.

Join us for live music, a fundraiser at The Counter to help us fight back, and local shops at Santana row to learn how they're supporting the fight against breast cancer in our community!

For a $10 donation, your bag will be decorated, and placed along Park Valencia. After sunset we'll light all the bags. Then we'll have a brief, yet somber, program to celebrate, honor, and remember our cancer survivors.

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Wednesday September 18th
5:00 - 9:00pm
3055 Olin Avenue, San Jose, CA, USA
3055 Olin Ave, San Jose, CA 95128, USA


The Luminaria Ceremony is a ceremony of remembrance and hope. It is a way to honor survivors and those who have lost the battle to cancer. It is a time to grieve for those we have lost, to reflect on our own or loved ones cancer experience, and to find hope that tomorrow holds the promise of a cancer-free world.

Luminaria are bags with names written on them of those who have fought or are currently fighting the battle against cancer. Whether they have won their battle, currently fighting, or have lost their life because of cancer, Luminaria are symbols of Hope. The light inside each Luminaria represents a life, which shines with the Hope for a cancer-free world.

Luminaria bags typically have “In Memory of [Name]” or “In Honor of [Name]” written on them. Many participants decorate them using markers, photos, or other memorabilia to make the Luminaria unique and special. Some people cut stars, circles, or other shapes out of the bag to enhance their glow when lit.

Posted by Mekayla Tewksbury