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  Feb 20 2020 . St. Louis, MO, USA

 We are asking for your help to SAVE BROWN STUDENTS!  Our mission is to develop the next generation of  African-American entrepreneurs, one student at a time.   For the past several years, St. Louis has consistently been ranked as the “Murder Capital of the United States”.  Yet, St. Louis is also acknowledged nationwide as a hub for aspiring young business owners. recently ranked St. Louis as one of the top ten major cities for young business founders; ranking St. Louis as number seven.

Urban Affair Review recently published a report citing a direct correlation between the number of black owned businesses and a reduction in violence amongst African-American youth. The author, Karen Parker a Sociologist Professor from the University of Delaware, indicated that a growth of African-American owned businesses was strongly linked to a reduction in black youth violence between 1990 to 2000. During this period, violent crimes committed by black youth across the country decreased by 29%. 

Programs like ours can have a significant impact on the African-American community from a social and economic perspective.  At Brownpreneurs, our desire is to empower students to dream ambitiously, live audaciously and hope beyond limits. Likewise, we want to develop a program to aid in combating the often-negative circumstances plaguing African-American youth.

But, we can’t do it without your help!

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