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MAY 9th - JUNE 21st, 2020

Help us raise Dementia & Brain Health Awareness. It's good for you, wonderful for others!  Ask others to support your goal! Before you register, please first read "INSTRUCTIONS."

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MAY 9th - JUNE 21st, 2020

HERE'S WHY AND HOW ... Raise Dementia & Brain Health Awareness during the annual STEP2RAISE Challenge. It's easy, fun, meaningful, good for you, wonderful for others! Simply decide when, where, and how you'll walk, run, ride "10,000 steps" to do your part. Get friends, family, and co-workers to support your goal!!

STEP 1 - DETERMINE YOUR MISSION. Decide if/who you'd like to honor (living) or remember (deceased). Think about how that person positively affected your life. If they have/had Dementia, or they are/were a care partner for someone who did - reflect on their contribution to your life, and to those around you - hold those cherished moments in your heart.  

STEP 2 - CHOOSE YOUR DAY(S). Pick any day in May or June, but consider a date between Mother's Day weekend and Father's Day, to attempt a walk of 10,000 steps (about 5 miles)! 

STEP 3 - BUY A TICKET TO REGISTER. Then follow the steps to pay the $10 registration fee, name your GoFundMe fundraiser, and/or a team page.

IMPORTANT: TO MANAGE YOUR PERSONAL FUNDRAISING PAGE OR TEAM PAGE - You must also sign up for an account on the GoFundMe platform. There is a Sign-Up link in the top right-hand corner of most pages. Follow the steps; you'll need to create a password, and verify your email. Use the same email you used to register to STEP2RAISE and that will tie your registration to your GoFundMe account. Check JUNK MAIL if you don't get the verification email in your inbox.

Use their Facebook and Twitter share buttons to share it across your social media, and via email,  and ask your friends, family & co-workers to support your mission.

STEP 4 - GO FOR IT! On the day of your walk, use a fitness tracker, smartphone, or pedometer to count your steps. You can even drive or map out on Google Maps or MapQuest the approximate route beforehand, and calculate the steps per mile (about 2,500 steps per mile) you plan to walk.  You don't have to walk outdoors; you don't even have to walk all 10,000 steps ... you can run, bike, paddle; you can step on a treadmill, step in a hallway, or, even space out your "steps" activity over multiple hours, days, weeks or the whole 2 months of the Challenge.

Plus, the actual number of steps doesn't really matter, what matters is that you take a moment of your life to pay tribute to someone you love.  Every step you take honors and remembers your loved one, and the special relationship you have/had.  

STEP 5 - CELEBRATE! Complete your steps and then celebrate! Post your activities to your social media & ours. Snap a photo of you stepping in style, and share your good and heartfelt feelings on our Instagram or Facebook @STEP2RAISE, and use hashtag #STEP2RAISE across your social media.

Posted by Dementia Society, Inc.