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Start up for Helpful Solutions Inc.

We are planning on serving our first clients in the coming summer and fall and are fundraising for start-up costs. The clients that come through our programs often do not have housing, they may lack access to immediate employment, and they lack community support. As an organization, we believe firmly in helping our clients from the day they get out until the day they are successful, whether that’s one week, one month, or one year post-release. Your donations go towards providing resources, coaching, and support to the individuals that come through our programs. When you donate to Helpful Solutions, you are donating to someone’s healthier future and the well-being of our communities. We couldn’t do it without donors like you, so thank you.

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Phil's Story
A look at the power of what we do

When Phil was released from incarceration, Helpful Solutions Inc. was there to help provide him with transportation and support. We helped provide him with rides to and from work, to run errands, and to get to appointments. One year later, Phil is now doing great. He is working towards getting  his license and he is working a good job. Phil became the first person to donate to our organization and to help us continue to move towards formalization. Phil’s story beautifully illustrates the mission of Helpful Solutions Inc., people helping people to be people again. If we can change someone’s life with no donations and only a small amount of help, imagine what we can do with the support of people like you? Together, we can help more people like Phil to succeed and to help keep people safely in our communities. We can change lives one name at a time, break the cycle of mass incarceration, and provide people a helping hand and a foot in the door to start their new lives successfully.

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