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Stanley Comedy special #2
  May 18 2020


Yes, it's happening!!



Because everyone seemed to enjoyed the first one, and wouldn't stop asking me to do another one.

Hopefully, we collect so donations for charities in need, and we all have some fun doing it.


We hope this pendemic will be over soon, so the show is tentatively scheduled for May, when our donation could still make a meaningful impact

What Charity (Charities)

The focus of the fundraiser is for COVID-19,

If there is a charity you would like to raise money for, feel free to create a team for your charity

- Food banks

- Health Agencies

.- anything else COVID-19 are welcome


Many of you have all enjoyed #1, #2 will be even more interesting since it will be entirely online. Who knows what kind of mishap could happen.

What if we can't handle the volume?

If we collect enough donation and enough demand, I am willing to do an encore. Either way. I'm going to make  sure we record it this time.

Let's make it happen!

One side note

At this time, I am recruiting others to join in on the show to fill up some time, let me know if you'd be  interested.

If we can collect $1000+ dollars, I will cut my hair live during the show

Posted by Stanley Wu