shrii satyanaaraayaNakathaa - Short Animation in Simple Samskrit

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shrii satyanaaraayaNakathaa 

श्री सत्यनारायणकथा 

Short Animation चलनचित्रम् in Simple Samskrit सरल संस्कृतेन
Samskrita Bharati is a non-profit (registered  501-(c)-(3) charity) organization in the USA. It is primarily dedicated to the mission of popularizing Samskrit as a spoken language.

Its two major activities are 

1) teaching this language and 

2) promoting it in ways to make it mainstream.

Samskrit is an ancient yet timeless language with universal appeal. It unlocks the vast repository of knowledge through scriptures and literature that can benefit the entire humanity.

Samskrita Bharati already has many successful ongoing activities for teaching the language - be it to adults, to young ones or to high school students (with academic credits through its SAFL - Samskritam As Foreign Language - program).

Now, in its 25th year of operation in the USA, it wants to take concrete steps for promoting - to take the language to new heights so that more people can see how simple yet beautiful it is.

And as the first step, the (USA, Canada & भारतम् bhaaratam) team has embarked on a journey to make the first Short Animation चलनचित्रम् (chalanachitram ). 

What better story (kathaa) to venture in this arena then shrii satyanaaraayaNakathaa (श्री सत्यनारायणकथा) ? It highlights the universal values of truth and respect that are all the more important and necessary than ever.

Through this GoFundMe campaign, we wanted every Samskrit enthusiast around the globe to have an opportunity to be part of this 'yagna'. You can support in many ways - least you can do is spread the word about it in your own circle of influence.

We will keep sharing updates on a dedicated website 

We are hopeful that with more support and inputs it will evolve into a movement and take great shape. However, we intend to keep the 'fruits' for all to enjoy! 

The outcome (short animation) will be made accessible to one and all through best possible media.

जयतु संस्कृतम् । 

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