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  May 20 2019

 Did you know that over 21 million Americans do not have the identification they need to vote in the states where a government-issued ID is required? IDs are expensive. The average cost is $40 when you consider the supplementary documents that you need to get one. Then there are transportation challenges, limited hours for government offices and lack of child care. 

The Tennessee chapters, Memphis & Nashville were started in the Spring of 2018 with a small group of volunteers.  Due to the hard work of dedicated field staff and volunteers, Tennessee has been successful in obtaining 441 IDs.  Out of those IDs 420 were obtained from December 2018 to current with approximately 345 of those IDs being obtained for individuals residing in Shelby,Tipton, Lauderdale, and Haywood Counties.  The remaining 96 were obtained for individuals residing in Davidson and Montgomery Counties.  We want to continue this work and expand our efforts and with your donation we can.

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