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Spread The Vote Georgia assists people across the state, that means in all 159 counties we could get a call from someone in need of an ID to finally start the job they applied for or to move into a place of their own.  From red tape to lost documents, securing IDs for disadvantaged folks is hard.   

Each ID is opportunity, hope, and a chance for a better life. Every ID is someone's ticket to a job, to a place to sleep, to putting food on the table. Every ID is the key to being a person again. IDs change lives. 

Spread the Vote operates in nine states helping more than 100 people a week get the IDs they need to change their lives, and sometimes to save them. Our average ID cost is $40

And, of course, once they have their ID, they can also vote. Yes, partially this is because we mostly operate in voter ID states, where voters have to have an ID to vote. But it’s not just lack of ID that stops people from voting, it’s lack of identity. 

One of the first things many people say when we get them an ID is “I’m a person again”. Before our clients have an ID, they are, understandably, less open to discussions about voting than wanting to get their lives back on line.

It’s difficult to think about voting when you don’t know where you are going to sleep at night, or how you are going to feed your children. However, once someone’s basic needs are met - or they know they can be, and a person they trust helps them understand the basics of voting, we find that our voters cannot wait to head to the polls.

But we can't do this critical work without your help. The costs associated with securing IDs have risen as fast as our ability to help folks get them.  

Please chip in whatever you can afford today. Each donation helps pay for a new ID, and that ID will change a person's life. 

$20 = transportation to licensing and record-issuing offices

$40 = average cost of an ID

$60 = average cost of a birth certificate

Posted by Alaina Reaves