A Race Against Uncertainty: Spectrum's Journey to Stay Connected and Engaged

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Spectrum Remains Spectrum-y!
Imagination without bounds. Joy in Learning.

Wonder at their fingertips. Learning through their lens. Friendship in community.

These are just some of the foundational themes driving a small school in the Midwest to do all they can to ensure that their students do not have a “lost year” during this COVID pandemic.

Teachers and staff from Spectrum School, a small non-parochial, nonprofit school in the Midwest refused to let their students miss a beat when the pandemic shut down in person learning in the Spring of 2020. Immediately following the stay at home order, teachers and staff made the collective decision to morph their spring break into a virtual workshop that enabled the school to pivot into online learning. The transformation allowed students to come back as scheduled to a stellar experience with 100% classroom participation.

For over 50 years, Spectrum School  has provided a unique learning environment that offers each student various challenges in order to experience success in their educational journey. 

In 2020-21, we have a Prek-8th grade enrollment of 80 students, limiting class sizes in order to provide a safe and healthy school full-time in-person, as well as a full-time virtual option. 

What we are accomplishing would be remarkable in any context, but the personal, often outdoor, engaged, and active learning happening despite the COVID circumstances is beyond impressive. 

See our stories on the team pages. As a member of the Spectrum community, either as family, friend, or alumni, know Spectrum is alive and well, but there are extensive costs to staying Spectrum-succcessful in this context. 

This Go Fund Me campaign is set up to offset the costs of additional staffing to maintain small cohorted classes, virtual learning resources, virtual specialist instruction, technology, supplies, and cleaning. 

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