SoMWA - Building A Brighter Tomorrow


The SoMWA Foundation is continuing to work towards our mission to help families affected by HIV/AIDS by moving forward with the building of a community school in Kajaido, Kenya. Our school will serve children of parents affected by HIV/ AIDS and underprivileged children in Kenya. We thank you for your support over the past ten years, we appreciate your financial donations, we appreciate your support of all of our campaigns, and we appreciate the time you’ve devoted to helping SoMWA achieve our mission.

One of the primary objectives of The SoMWA Education Center - Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow is to increase the access to quality education and after school programs for children in Kajaido County and across Kenya. 

We are excited about our school; we will provide Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary educational options, preparing our scholars to be future leaders. SoMWA will provide free education opportunities, scholarships, after-school programs, food, vocational training for parents, co-ed sports, art, music, and quality professional development and training for teachers. SoMWA Education Center will welcome scholars with special needs and disabilities, giving many of them access to education and resources that they would not be able to access.

Friends, we welcome you to join us in supporting our campaign, SoMWA - Building A Brighter Tomorrow. SoMWA believes that all children can and will learn given the right setting, resources, opportunities and love. We have the love; the setting is in Kajaido, Kenya, with your continued support we will have ample resources and be able to create opportunities for the children and families of Kajaido, Kenya. Your donation will help us build The SoMWA Education Center - Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow. 

For more information about The SoMWA Foundation please visit us at