Social Justice Lessons in the Heartland: Exploring Oklahoma's History

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How Does Your Donation Impact Oklahoma Teachers and Students?

Two Oklahoma TOLI graduates work together with TOLI staff to provide a week-long workshop for local teachers. The seminar leaders have titled the seminar Social Justice Lessons in the Heartland: Exploring Oklahomas History.

Social Justice Lessons in the Heartland uses an inquiry-based, multi-disciplinary approach to the study of the Holocaust and more recent examples of systematized violence.  Teachers collaborate to analyze and reflect on questions of morality, ethics, antiracism, and social responsibility. In addition to teacher-facilitators, local scholars and authors who have used writing to explore and understand atrocities, their causes, and their impact present to the group. Teachers will return to their classrooms with the tools they need to engage students in the meaningful study of these difficult issues, and to help them develop critical thinking skills in ways that will positively impact the world around them

Your donation will help send one additional teacher to this critical training.  Oklahoma needs this training. The world needs this training. 

Invest in Oklahoma. Invest in TOLI. 

Posted by Christyna Lepetiuk

TOLI has provided Holocaust and human rights education to over 2,800 teachers.

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