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How do I become a fundraiser for the Sickle Cell Association of Texas? What are the best next steps after I join?

Joining our fundraising team is super easy! Click the "Create a Team" button. Within minutes you'll have a campaign set up that is linked to our campaign and can help raise more money for the Sickle Cell Association of Texas Marc Thomas Foundation.

Make sure to personalize it by adding your story, adding pictures, and even uploading a video. Once your campaign is complete, reach out to everyone you know. Ask them to donate and help spread the word about the fundraiser. Remember, the bigger the team, the bigger the prize! 

Don't forget to use the following hashtags when you post: 

#WalkForSickleCell #SickleCellWarrior #VirtualWalkAcrossTexas #Unbreakable #FirstVirtualSickleCellTXWalk

Posted by Sickle Cell Texas Marc Thomas Foundation